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Free Domain Name service provides a free domain name service with complete DNS support, i.e. A, MX and CNAME records, as well as unlimited free subdomains, e-mail forwarding, and much more


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1). What services do you provide?
We provide Free Domain Names such as (free subdomains of domain name) and we also enable you to get the total control over your free domain name. So you can create you own DNS records (A, MX, CNAME records), unlimited number of free subdomains and email addresses, free url forwarding, free email forwarding, and much more.

2). I noticed you also provide free web hosting on ( website. Whats the difference between and services?
If you are looking for a simple free website hosting with short, professional and free domain name you would better go with free hosting. But in this case you will not be able to transfer your free domain from us, you will HAVE to use our hosting service.

And if you go with you will get ONLY a free domain name (without any hosting), but you will be able to host your website where you want and you will also be able to transfer your free domain name to any server you want. (It is called full DNS control)

3). Is it really free? Are there any catches?
Yes, it is Absolutely FREE! No catches, no hidden fees, etc. We just ask to put a link to us on your main page in exchange for our free service

4). Why do you ask to put a link back to your site?
We ask to put a link to our website on your main page to protect ourself form multiple (SPAM) signups. If you have one website you can get one free domain from us, if you have 20 websites you can get 20 free domains from us. Simple.

5). Can I put a link on my website A and use the domain for website B?
(Can I use it for another website?)

No, you can not! You HAVE to put the link to us on the website, to which you are going to point your domain name. No link to us on your website is considered to be a violation of our agreement and the account may be terminated without any notice.

6). Will I be the owner of domain name?
NO, you will not own a domain name. Actually it is NOT possible to own ANY domain name. You can ONLY RENT and use a domain name. If it is a paid domain you can use it as long as you pay anual fees, but you still don't own that domain. And you can use a domain name for free.

7). How long can I use a domain name?
We do not set any time frames here, just like ANY other paid domain name. You can use a paid domain as long as you pay for it and follow the Rules, and you can use a domain name as long as you have a link to us on your website and follow our Rules

8). What are the other differences between and e.g. .com domain names?
There are several differences:

- .com domain name is not free at all, usually it costs $10 - $35 per year, and domain name is absolutely free. (advantage of domain)

- is a 3rd level domain name, but is a 2nd level one. The less levels the better. (disadvantage of domain)

- .com domain names are provided by large companies (domain registrars), and domain names are provided by Services - we are not a domain registrar, but we are only a free web service (disadvantage of domain)

- .com domain name is much more popular than domain name (disadvantage of domain)

- millions of .com domain names are already registered and it is very difficult to find a good name, but there are only few handreds taken domain names - you can pick a really good one (advantage of domain)

- when you pay for a .com domain name you are getting some guarantees, while we dont provide any warranties of our service reliability and availability in a year, in five years, etc. (disadvantage of domain)

But in the rest, free domain name works just like every other paid domain name, like .com, .net, etc.

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